Committees (appointed)

Committees (appointed)

The following committees have members appointed by the Minister or the Board of Trustees. 





Wanda Null, Liz Moseley, Mary Wetherbee

Responsible for the identification, retention, and maintenance of the archive collection, which consists of permanent records describing the history and functioning of the church.

Lay Ministry / Caring Committee

Contact the Minister or office

Provides support to members of the church in need.


Troy Liston, Margaret Tucker

Provides support to the Minister. Takes feedback from the members on how the Minister is doing.


Lisa Fagerstrom, Kevin O’Brien, Susan Perry

Support and advise staff members. Also support and advise the Minister with staff issues, such as compensation, salary increases, and benefits. 


Rachelle Reisberg (c), Rick Gentilman (c), Lynda Layer, Russ Hart, Helen Ham, Katy Weeks

Educates the congregation on how to be good stewards of our church, including the giving of our time, talent and treasure.