Membership at FPC

Choosing to become a member of the First Parish Church of Stow and Acton (FPC) means that you believe this church makes a difference in your life, giving it greater strength, depth, significance, and direction. It means you have a sense of belonging and commitment to the liberal religious values this church represents. It means willingness to support the church with ideas, energy, time, and money, so that these values can be realized in the world.

We hold several New Member Sunday services each year, during which you can sign our membership book and be welcomed into the life of our church community. Individuals age 12 and older may sign the Membership Book. You will be entitled to vote (age 18 and older) about important issues facing our church at the Annual Meeting held in the spring. If you are interested in knowing when the next New Member Sunday will be held, please email

To discuss membership in this church, or to arrange to sign the membership book, please contact our minister, Rev. Cynthia Landrum, by email at, or by phone, 978-897-8721.

FPC, like all UU churches, is a self-governing church. Its members make all major decisions about church life, in particular calling a new minister and determining the church budget. We encourage you to become a member after taking the time to ensure that our community is a good fit for you.   

If you are interested in joining FPC, we suggest that you complete the following steps:

  • Attend several Sunday services. Our services do not always follow the same format, and you will no doubt observe a variety of different services over a period of time.
  • Attend/participate in at least two church-sponsored activities. It may be helpful to try one social activity and one spiritual or educational activity.
  • Attend the NEW2UU Workshop.  You will learn about the Unitarian Universalism denomination, how our church is organized, and about the opportunities we offer you as a member of our congregation. 
  • Sign the Membership Book of First Parish Church. This can be done during a brief ceremony at one of several Sunday services held throughout the church year or privately with the minister.